The History: For over 40 years, the visitors to Jalama Beach County Park have enjoyed one of the best burgers in Southern California. Don and Kathy Eittreim created this culinary masterpiece that has satisfied the hunger of thousands. Can you imagine, visiting a great beach, walking along or doing a bit of wind-surfing for a few hours… then visiting the Jalama store and biting into that juicy Jalama Burger!

Wow, this is one experience not to be missed in life.

Kathy Eittreim was the creator of the “secret” sauce that gives the burger a distinctive taste. Don Eittreim tells us the secret sauce recipe is safely locked away and not available to anyone outside his immediate family. Even the famous Ray Croc of McDonalds fame, often visited the beach and asked Kathy to personally cook a burger for him – “Best burger I have ever tasted” in the words of the founder of McDonalds.

And a little history lesson makes this story even more interesting – Kathy Eittreim’s maiden name was…. you guessed it…. “MacDonald.”

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Images by Jo McCaffrey