Pictures courtesy of Glenn Dubock

Glenn Dubock has been roaming the shores of California with camera in hand for over 45 years. He first visited Jalama as a child in 1963 and it became his prime focus after his brother John took him surfing there in 1969. Through the years Glenn has captured the serene and wild moments that Jalama has to offer and has had several images published in books and magazines around the world. When asked what his favorite photo is, he replies “the next one at Jalama.”

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Glenn Dubock on location…
The Southbound Amtrak Surfliner becomes a long streak of evening sun-washed gold every day of the year.
Mornings can be a blessing of the visual feast that the area is famous for.
Sometimes the wind is so strong at Jalama that it seems to blow the stars around at night…..
Point Conception
The most Western point in Southern California can be viewed jutting out into the jaws of the cold Pacific Ocean.