Home of the Famous Jalama Burger®...and our new Jalama Beach Wine Selection

Santa Barbara IJ - Jalama Burger® in the news - 35 years of great burgers!

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Jalama Beach has been a favorite camping and recreational destination for many years. Jalama beach is a world renown location for wind sailing, surfing, fishing, rock hounding and "fossil hunting."

Not to mention the Jalama Beach Store and their "World Famous Jalama Burger®." We also have an extended menu that includes our homemade clam chowder, chili verde, chili beans and "Aunt Ruth's raw apple cake." See our vast menu.

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"The Jalama Burger is one of the best hamburgers on the West coast!" People from all over the planet have visited the Jalama Beach Store & Grill and all share the same opinion... "This is the best burger on the planet!"

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